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I have serious teaching interests in ethics (including normative and applied ethics, metaethics and moral psychology), social and political philosophy (including feminist philosophy and the philosophy of race), and the history of philosophy. Here is a list of courses that I've taught as primary instructor, with syllabuses for selected courses. 

Classic Cases in Bioethics

Albany Medical College, Fall 2023

Applied Ethics: Life, Sex, and Death

Indiana University, Spring 2022

Emerson College, Spring 2021

Introduction to Ethics

Indiana University, Fall 2021–Spring 2022

Emerson College, Fall 2020

Miami University, Fall 2019–Spring 2020 

Michigan State University, Spring 2018–Fall 2018

Medical Ethics

Miami University, Spring 2020


Contemporary Moral Problems: Humanity and Inhumanity

Miami University, Fall 2019

Logic and Reasoning

Michigan State University, Spring 2019

Logic and Reasoning: Honors

Michigan State University, Spring 2019

Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy

Michigan State University, Fall 2018

Freedom of the Will and Moral Responsibility

Harvard University, Spring 2015

Ethical Objectivity

Harvard University, Spring 2013

Nietzsche’s Critique of Morality

Harvard University, Spring 2013

Why Be Moral?

Harvard University, Fall 2012

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